Welcome, I’m Neelam.


I’m a TV Anchor and Communications & Marketing Consultant.  


I work at the intersection of Media and Marketing. In an age where everything is going digital including broadcast and print media, it’s an exciting place to be.


I am a Communicator. I present, create content and develop communications and marketing strategies that connect with audiences and consumers in an authentic and powerful way.


I have worked with leading companies around the world including CNN International, Discovery Channel, ESPN, Rogers Media, Procter & Gamble and innovative start ups. My career has spanned the globe – Canada, India, Hong Kong and the Middle East.


I anchor national TV shows and connect with audiences across different cultures and demographics. I have had the privilege of interviewing fascinating and high profile people from all walks of life including celebrities, CEO’s, authors, world-class athletes, and spiritual leaders. Notable interviews include the Dalai Lama, Russell Peters, Ronaldhino and Shah Rukh Khan.


As a Communications & Marketing Consultant I have worked with high profile brands, leading universities, and fortune 500 companies. I understand how to connect with consumers genuinely, communicate key messages creatively, and come up with PR & communications strategies that enable brands … to be seen, to be heard and to stand out from the crowd.


To find out how we can work together click here or get in touch at info.neelamverma@gmail.com.


Thanks for stopping by,